You control a mirror that must direct light rays thrown by a machine and send them to a light sensor to send energy to the surface.


The controls you use are the directional arrows to move and Ctrl to shoot the light rays.

Made withUnity
Tags2D, Unity


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Thank you all for the criticism of the game, which helps to improve it, if you wonder why the game is too empty it is because the game was made in one day, with the purpose of making my first jam, but more things will be added . The music therefore will also be changed since I think it can be very annoying.

Sorry if you don't understand, my English is not very good.

The art style is super cute! The combination of keys triggered some things to move around on my screen, so I'll second the idea of changing the fire key.

Thank you very much mini review: D, I will fix the key problem and add more stuff and improve the difficulty

I like the simple art style, it fits this very well. Definitely can make something of this, it could be a fun puzzle game.

It's a very good idea

Love the art style, but would have been great to see a level based platformer instead of that. Can definitely be expanded upon. Good concept

I try not so much to build on existing things, but I will see that I can add it, calm the game will be expanded a little more.

The art style is really cool, and I feel that this idea can be really cool if expanded upon.  But you may want to change the player movement to WASD and move the fire to the E button.  Most players are used to it that way, the less you have to think about controls the better.  PLEASE change the music too, it sounds godawful.  Please study some music composition if you intend to make music in your games, or get some music assets.    

Cool game, I wish there were more levels/goal instead of a high score system. I LOVE the art style, especially the character and it's animations. A cool concept, just wish the game had more content

Thanks for the positive criticism of the graphics, more content is added soon, things that motivate rejugability.